Cultivating ease in the midst of stress

Are there times when you feel like you are alternating between stressed-out anxiety and disconnected depression? Anxiety, depression and connection are the three neurological states in Porges’ polyvagal theory. You may have heard the term polyvagal theory. It is starting to become more commonly used in yoga, psychotherapy and also by people posting on Instagram.  […]

How can Chiropractic Care Help with Stress Related Weight Loss?

We all know chiropractic care makes our joints, muscles, and bones feel better, but how much more can it do? A lot…indirectly! If all Chiropractors do is “move” bones and joints, then why do patients come back reporting improvements in sleep, mood, and energy levels? The reason: the nervous system. Chiropractors address misalignments in the […]

Decrease Sensory Sensitivity

Sensory sensitivity is a sign of a nervous system that is overwhelmed. There is a new ad campaign in Chicago of billboards saying “Sensory sensitivity is sign of Autism.” Chiropractic First helps a lot of children with sensory sensitivity, and most of those children do not have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sensory sensitivity can be a […]

Please Avoid this Gift

As you are shopping this holiday season, please, please avoid buying, using or exposing your family to synthetically scented candles and other synthetic scented products like body lotion and bath products.   There are plenty of studies on the toxic effects of synthetically scented products, but clinically I can tell you fragrances can wreak havoc […]