“Dr. Meggie is the best! She specialize in a light touch chiropractic (no scary cracking) that has helped me through many different kinds of aches and pains. She has helped me with the intense tightness that forms in my shoulders from everyday stress and helped me after a breast biopsy left me with a deep ache. I highly recommend trusting Dr. Meggie with your aches and pains.” – Meredith A.


“She is a magician!!! I have been to so many people about my back and knee issues and she has helped me with those issues and so many others as well. I get anxious and get panic attacks they have almost completely disappeared since I have been seeing her… so I am sleeping better too!!!
She is also great with children really in tune with her patients body and how to help alleviate pain caused by different issues even though my child is too young to express the issues. You will not be disappointed!!!!” – Kelly K.


“I was initially skeptical about the “light touch” approach to chiropractic, but the results have been nothing short of astonishing.  I suffered from severe migraines for a number of years owing to head trauma.  I met with a neurologist for 6 months, and was never able to get rid of the pain.  Finally, a friend persuaded me to try her chiropractor, Dr. Meggie, and It is no exaggeration to say that after just a few sessions, I was cured and have not suffered from a migraine since.” – Austin S.


“I originally went in to Chiropractic First due to a recommendation from someone after I had gotten into a bad car accident and hurt my neck and back.  I do not prefer “traditional big pharma, guys in white coats” kind of medicine, and while I recognize it is only sometimes necessary-I stay away from it, for the most part.  I know that chiropractic care is one of the best things you can do, all around, for both healing and maintaining your body.  That’s why I wanted to seek out a good chiropractor and that’s why I was so extremely happy to find Dr. Meggie and Dr. Will at Chiropractic First…They are simply amazing!!  The office is incredibly professional and peaceful, always decorated nicely, and is very clean.  The office manager, Annie, is a delight to see and talk to, upon walking in.  Annie is always courteous and incredibly helpful.  She is one of my favorite people to see!  My initial diagnosis was prompt and precise.  I was stunned by what a few minutes of looking you over will accurately tell you about your body.  Aside from the big issue of my neck and back injury, there were things of small concern (to me) which Dr. Meggie somehow seemed to know immediately (like what parts of my spine, and body, were not functioning/communicating properly) without any mention to her.  I was really impressed and continue to be so.  I go 1-3 times a week and see both doctors and try to go as much as I possibly can.  Dr. Meggie and Dr. Will each give you a unique healing experience and I enjoy both their styles equally.  This is a light touch Chiropractor, so expect your body to heal itself (like it should anyway) during your adjustment and during the day of your adjustment.  When I receive the final steps of my adjustment, I can literally feel my spine almost realign itself.  I always leave there feeling like I have a brand new body.  I remember the very first time I got an adjustment, I left feeling as though I was finally walking properly for the first time in my life.  Getting my adjustments here has even seemed to help me emotionally, too.  I tend to feel a little more balanced if I make it in at least once or twice a week.  This is a great atmosphere for healing and feeling better for the long term.  It’s not a place for someone who wants their back violently cracked in five minutes and not actually cared for.  The light touch adjustment is something that works far better than the violent and intrusive medical processes most people will take without question.  This is the kind of medicine that actually heals you and your body properly.  After a few adjustments, the doctors will really start to know your body, and what’s best for it.  It is such a wonderful, personalized care, kind of experience.  I really can’t say enough positive things about Chiropractic First and the whole team over there.  Everyone genuinely wants you to be healthy.  I love Dr. Meggie, Dr. Will, and Annie, and will be frequenting this business for life!!!” – John W.


“Dr. Meggie and Dr. Will have both helped me with various aches and pains throughout the last few years. I have also seen a more “traditional” chiropractor which has been fine but the gentle touch treatment seems to break through pain differently. For example, no amount of stretching or massages have helped my tight hip flexors but the treatments I get here do. The environment is calming, too, which I really appreciate in the middle of busy, hectic days. Drs. Meggie and Will as well as Annie at the front desk are really friendly and do what they can to accommodate my busy schedule. It’s clear they care and strive to take care of their patience the best way they can.” – Isabelle L.


“Thoughtful, helpful, and gentle care.  Great for a tune-up and also great for a crisis.  Thanks Dr. Meggie!” – Lisa C.


“I’ve been going to Dr Meggie for a few years. What’s particularly astonishing about care from her is that the superb results often don’t show up for hours. I often feel nothing right after, but an hour or so later, I experience increased well being, energy and abatement of pain.
I highly highly recommend her special brand of chiropractic care.”- Max B.


“Drs. Meggie is absolutely wonderful! After suffering from constant back pain and migraines for years (with prescription medication the only means for relief), I decided to visit Dr. Meggie. Not only did she take time to listen to my concerns, she really takes the time to get to know you as a person and truly cares about you and your wellbeing. I have been going to Chiropractic First for over two years and, after two months of getting adjusted, I was completely off of prescription medication and my migraines were a thing of the past. She also has Dr. Will in the office and he is just as wonderful as Dr. Meggie. Needless to say, I highly recommend Chiropractic First!” – Lindsay A.


“Dr. Meggie helped me with shooting pain and numbness in my legs during pregnancy.  She is not a traditional back cracky Dr., but uses just the right amount of gentle pressure for a pregnant lady!  Thanks Dr. Meggie.” – Katy P.


“Thank you Dr. Meggie! I have a knee that gives me trouble and she always helps me feel less pain.  She also understands that much pain has its basis in a place other than where it hurts. Don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense to you; believe me, it works!” – Joe P.



“I originally started going to Chiropractic First because I was having problems with  my hips, which really got off balance while I was moving.  I had been to other chiropractors in the past and it always seemed kind of like an assembly line.  Everyone got the same adjustment.  Snap, crackle, pop and your done.  I never really felt better, and was told to come in 3 times a week indefinitely.  I heard that Chiropractic First was more gentle and used a different technique.  I love that there are no x-rays, but instead you receive a postural analysis.  I think x-rays can be a little bit lazy and you can miss things.  In a postural assessment, the practitioner is looking at you and your body and seeing where imbalances are rather than paying attention to the x-ray.  I learned postural assessment in massage school, and it is a great tool.  The adjustments are very gentle and are based on your individual needs.  Since starting to go to Chiropractic First last spring, I have had fewer problems with my back and hips, and I have also noticed other “chronic” pain or tightness that I don’t usually think about lessen a great deal.  I have also been able to go off of my migraine medication and have been migraine free for a few months now.  The more gentle technique is also great for pregnant women.  I work with a lot of pregnant women, so it is great to have a good referral to give them.” – Amanda H.


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