Empowering Wellness Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

A friend recently sent me a “wellness” product that she saw on Instagram. Would this crystal necklace really do all the things it claimed it would? Would it do anything at all?

I told her that I wasn’t sure. The problem with all those wellness gifts is that we as humans are hardwired for healing. We evolved to heal ourselves. We were born with a vast array of skills and instincts, biochemical and physiological adaptations, antibodies and immune reactions. In order to heal, the main thing most of us need to do is simply get out of our own way. 

We need to turn off our phones and get 8 hours of sleep. We need to step away from fast food advertising and respond to our urges for healthy food. We need to reject the social programming that tells us we are separate, isolated and motivated more by money than by human connection and meaning. 

That’s all fine, said my friend. But a $200 crystal necklace was far less luxurious and much more within her reach than 8 hours of sleep. Ha!

Given the challenges most of us have with tuning into our bodies, listening to our innate knowledge and responding to our bodily wisdom, I think a crystal necklace, or an aromatherapy kit or any other wellness gift may be worthwhile if it gets us to slow down. If a new yoga mat encourages someone to spend 5 minutes stretching and 10 minutes in savasana, then get them a yoga mat! If a crystal necklace inspires some appreciation for the beauty and awe of the natural world or reminds someone they are loved—then the crystal necklace inspired some healing!

If you can just take 20 minutes a day to meditate it doesn’t matter if you have a pretty meditation pillow or if you sit on a pile of dirty laundry. But if you are more likely to meditate if you have a pretty pillow, then pillows are a worthwhile part of your meditation practice. We are a consumer driven society and this is peak consumer season. As you are thinking about the gifts you buy, ask yourself if it will bring your loved ones closer to peace, quiet and connection. Will it allow them to be more present to themselves or will it distract them even more from the internal healing they already possess?

If you aren’t sure—we are happy to help! Please reach out if you see a wellness item and would like our opinion. While we are not experts on all forms of healing, we are happy to provide some perspective.

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