Decrease Sensory Sensitivity

Sensory sensitivity is a sign of a nervous system that is overwhelmed.

There is a new ad campaign in Chicago of billboards saying “Sensory sensitivity is sign of Autism.” Chiropractic First helps a lot of children with sensory sensitivity, and most of those children do not have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Sensory sensitivity can be a sign that your child needs a chiropractic adjustment. If your child had trouble with all the noise and the lights and the commotion of the holiday season, Chiropractic First may be able to help.

Our human nervous systems were not designed for the amount of stimulation the modern world throws at us– especially not in the winter. In the winter mammals hibernate. Our natural rhythm is to slow down, sleep more, stay inside and be more internal. I suspect a good portion of people’s holiday stress arises from spending December surrounded by light, noise, and commotion when millions of years of evolution has designed our bodies to spend this time slowing down and being quiet.

Now that the chaos of the holidays is behind us, we need help integrating all that stimulation. Were your children especially triggered by the sensory overload of the past 6 weeks? If so, please bring them into Chiropractic First; they may need some help processing all the activity and all the people they saw. It was a lot! And they need some help. It is unlikely they have autism, it is very likely their human bodies were not designed for what they just experienced.

Chiropractic care is not a substitution for a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, whether your child is on the spectrum or just has some trouble processing all the sensation the world just threw at them, chiropractic care has helped a lot of children feel more settled in their bodies.

We have helped children:

  • Who could not use public bathrooms because of the noise of the hand dryers.
  • Who had trouble transitioning from one activity to another.
  • Stay focused during school and practice piano with more ease.

Some of those children had autism diagnoses. Others were neurotypical kids.

Sensory sensitivity is a sign that your child needs a chiropractic adjustment. If your children are having trouble sleeping, behaving especially wild, acting out, or seeming out of sorts, give us a call, or schedule online. We are here to help your kids manage their overwhelming feelings.

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