Your First Visit

We are looking forward to meeting you! We want to help you not only heal, but help you be more resilient and more adaptable. The stress of life is constant. We cannot make it stop.  But how do you make the challenges easier to manage? How can you engage and live more fully?  How do you make your pain go away and stay away? At Chiropractic First, our focus is on increasing your ability to respond to your world with peace and ease.

On your first visit, you will tell us about why you are looking to receive treatment. It is our goal to not just reduce your symptoms but also help you prevent your problem from occurring again. If the doctor determines Chiropractic First is not the best place for you, there is no charge for the visit. If the doctors think they can help you, they will do an exam and you will receive a chiropractic treatment.

A bit more detail about your visit:

What do you want to see change?

We will email you a link to fill out the new patient work prior to your visit visit. Please fill it out in advance so the doctors can review it before your first visit.

On your first visit we will talk about what brings you into the office. What parts of your physical, mental and emotional life do you want to improve? People seek our care for help with everything from pain to anxiety, from injuries to mental fog. What ever you need help with, we want to hear about it.

Our goal is to help you live your life to the fullest. If we are not the best practitioners to help you, we will let you know who is.

The emotional, mental, physical and chemical experiences of your life have all contributed to your current health.

Your exam

We will look at how well your body moves, where it is holding tension and where it is stiff. If you are unable to sit, stand or lay down, we can easily modify the exam to assure your comfort.

You will remain fully clothed. If you want to remove your shoes, you are welcome to do that.

We will not take x-rays. If you have x-ray, MRI or other reports from a medical doctor, you are welcome to bring them. They are not necessary for this type of chiropractic care, but we are happy to review any information you want to provide.

Your treatment

You will receive your first chiropractic treatment, called an adjustment, on your first visit. Adjustments at Chiropractic First are very gentle. You can see examples in this video

Your first adjustment will last approximately 15 minutes. If you are able, you will lie face down, and then face up, and finish the adjustment with you seated. If any of that is uncomfortable or too difficult, you can modify those positions. The adjustment will feel a bit like a very gentle massage. Some people even fall asleep because it is so relaxing!


Unless otherwise specified, Dr. Meggie Smith will see you for your new patient visit. On Tuesday,  Dr. Will Vogds will do your adjustment. Most patients see Meggie and Will over the course of their care. It is great to get different opinions and perspectives! We share all the information needed to provide you seamless care.

Chiropractic First is located in Evanston, in the Main Dempster Mile Neighborhood.

How do I get there?

There is information on parking, directions and public transportation on our Contact Us page

How much will it cost?

The first visit, which includes a consultation, and exam and chiropractic adjustment, is $170.

On your second visit we will go over the financial plan for your care, including package discounts. Treatment cost between $58-$68 a visit.

We look forward to speaking with you on your first visit and helping you heal! For now, please fill our the new patient paperwork (links are below) or read about some of the experiences of our patients.

Will my insurance cover it?

You can use your FSA or HSA to pay for your treatments. We are happy to give you receipts to document those payments.

Chiropractic First provides a very specific and advanced form of chiropractic. It is not covered by Medicare and does not meet most insurance companies’ definition of chiropractic. Because of that, we are not in-network with insurance.

Your insurance company may cover your treatment out-of-network. We bill our services under the code 97139. You can contact your insurance company to see if they will cover that code. We are happy to provide you super-bills that you can submit to your insurance carrier. They may reimburse you for your treatment.


Important Disclosures:

Acknowledgement Sheet Consent to Care 

Privacy Notice

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