The Doctors

About Dr. Meggie Smith

Meggie practices chiropractic energy medicine. She is passionate about helping people heal the emotional and physical stresses that are impacting their bodymind. She applies the chiropractic approaches of Bio Geometric Integration, Network Spinal and Neuro Emotional Technique with the energy work of the chakras and teachers like Carolyn Myss. She grew up on the North Shore of Chicago and studied philosophy as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. After a few years as an economic consultant, it was time for a career in something that she was passionate about. Chiropractic played a major role in improving her emotional and physical health, that she decided to become a chiropractor. She received her doctorate in chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West in California. She is now an active member of the Evanston community. She served on the Evanston Citizen Police Complaint Advisory Board and was the Philanthropy Chair of the Woman’s Club of Evanston. She is currently on the board of the Main Dempster Mile. She lives in Evanston with her partner Neil and their two cats.

About Dr. Will Vogds

Will joined Chiropractic First in 2009 and has been an invaluable part of the practice ever since. A natural athlete, he was first attracted to chiropractic to help treat pain associated with sports-related injuries. The experience led to him become a chiropractor. As a graduate student, he learned about the power of the Bio Geometric Integration (BGI) approach to chiropractic. After receiving his doctorate from Life University in Atlanta, GA, Will became a BGI practitioner and educator; he teaches students and other chiropractors the most-advanced BGI courses, the BGI Academy of Mastery. Meggie and Will both deeply value the BGI approach, including the benefits that they have seen for patients from having a practice with two BGI-focused chiropractors. Meggie encourages patients to see Will so that he can provide his perspective on their treatment. He is in the office every Tuesday and one Saturday each month. In addition to helping all of his patients on their healing paths, Will is particularly passionate about helping young athletes reach their full potential and about helping babies and young children learn to unlock their own healing power. A talented woodworker, lover of the Wisconsin wilderness, and collector of celebrated concert posters, Will lives with his wife and their two cats in Chicago.