3 Tips for Busting Winter Blues

  The days are getting longer! But the winter is dragging on and pulling our moods down with it. Below are some tips to help you improve your mood on these cold winter days.   Before I was a chiropractor, I was an economic consultant. The only thing that got me through the emotional and […]

3 Important Metrics for Health

With the holidays in full swing, you may notice you are gaining weight. But along with eating and baking cookies comes an opportunity to connect with you family. You may be making memories that will last a lifetime, and that is really good for your health! As you are thinking about your health this holiday […]

Three Tips for Sleeping While Traveling

This week brought in a lot of people with low back pain. People were sleeping in strange beds and on couches over Thanksgiving. And their bodies were feeling it! Here are some strategies to deal with sleeping in new places over the holidays: Neck position and pillows: You may not be able to control the […]

Health Insurance 101

This month Illumine Magazine interviewed me for an article on how to choose a health insurance policy. The article explained the difference between a PPO, HMO and EPO and addressed a few other important issues. But there are a few other insurance FAQs that I wanted to answer for you. Below are some of the […]

Injuries do not cause pain

Did you know that a research study found no correlation between heavy lifting and chronic pain? None! It also found no connection between car accidents and chronic pain. No connection between household activities and chronic pain. The study found that there was no external event that could be tied to the presence of chronic low […]

How to increase patience and decrease anxiety

Patients at Chiropractic First often report feeling less anxious, more patient and calmer after their adjustments. Have you ever wondered how it is that chiropractic can make you feel so peaceful, not just in the moment, but for days after your adjustment? Light touch chiropractic care is based on the premise that your body stores […]