Experience More Life

When you think about health, do you think about feeling more of your body, or less? Do you think about being more present to your physical experiences, or less? Before you began chiropractic care, you may have thought that you would be healthy once you stopped feeling certain things. You might have thought you would be healthy if you could just do what you want without feeling. But as so many of you have reported, you are feeling so much more of your body than you were before you started getting adjusted. These feelings allow you to be more present to your life, your family, your goals and desires. So many wonderful moments happen because of what you experience in your body. A hug from a family member, the smell of a holiday meal, the feel of the sand and surf—so many of your richest moments happen when you feel, touch, taste and engage the world around you. Chiropractic care helps you feel more because it helps you to communicate better with your body. You feel more and thus have a deeper experience of your life. You perceive more of your world and your reaction to it. That can be a wonderful gift. And it can be a challenge. Not all those sensations are comfortable or enjoyable. But they are all valuable pieces of information. Not only are those pieces of sensory information valuable, but thanks to chiropractic care you are better able to process and integrate the information. Many of you have noticed that those uncomfortable sensations pass much faster than they used to. This is because with chiropractic care, your body can process and respond faster to sensory information. Chiropractic care is a two step process of increasing your self awareness and then increasing your ability to self correct and heal. How has your increased awareness lead to increased self correction? What are you doing and experiencing differently than before?

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