Life Transformation & Yoga

By Yoli Maya Yeh

There has never been a time like the present moment in human evolution and growth on the planet. Thanks to the industrialization, modernization and the massive rate of information exchange, humans have the most input, experiences and sensory information to process then ever before. We are amazingly adaptive beings whose bodies, nervous systems and minds can adjust to these unique circumstances but there is no norm or equation on how that experience will be for each individual. Some may be able to handle rapid change and sensory overload without any apparent symptoms. Others may suffer minor discomforts such as headache, inflammation or poor digestion. For some, the effects of the overload of change can be debilitating. The purpose of the practices of yoga is being distorted in the marketplace today. Yoga had been reduced to fitness or body-image improving practices while it’s deeper healing and balancing practices are conceptual rather then being taught in the slow, mindful way they need to be. The dominant teaching style of yoga has become too fast and put into extreme conditions. The truth is that yoga’s mind-body science is one of the best supporting activities one can engage in to increase your ability to handle and process change and is utterly complementary to a healing art like Chiropractic care. I invite you to take an adventure in slowing down and learning how Yoga can be a part of your adventure into the unknown—humanity’s leap into the global future and all the challenges that come along with it!

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