4 ways to minimize allergies between your chiropractic treatments

This summer, allergies have been especially bad. What can you do to minimize your allergies?

Chiropractic has helped a lot of people with allergies. At Chiropractic First, we see a lot of children and adults who have seasonal and dietary allergies. After getting adjusted, parents report that children sleep better. Some people have even been able to eat foods that they were not able to eat before!

Chiropractic should be a main pillar of your allergy response plan. But what can you do outside of Chiropractic First to minimize your sniffles, watery eyes and wheezing?

  1. Limit sugar and dairy
    Many allergy symptoms are caused by inflammation in your body, and both sugar and dairy make inflammation worse. Dairy includes cheese and butter, as well as milk, yogurt and ice cream. Sugar includes high fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup and beet sugar. Many allergy drugs are anti-inflammatory medications, but by limiting your sugar and dairy intake, you will limit the amount of inflammation in your body naturally without having any side effects. Chiropractic can also decrease your body’s levels of inflammation.
  2. Increase Omega 3s
    Another way to reduce allergy symptoms is to increase your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in fish oil, flaxseed oil and cold-water fish, such as anchovies, salmon and sardines. Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory.
  3. Improve Your Immune System
    Did you know that a more balanced, strong immune system is less likely to react to allergens? Lemon and raw garlic are great for your immune system, and chiropractic care has been shown to dramatically improve immune function, too.
  4. Get Pushy
    There are pressure points on your face that can help relieve sinus pressure. Gently pushing, and holding pressure, on these points can relieve some of the pressure. Use one finger on each point. Push hard enough that you can feel pressure, but not so hard that it hurts. They are pressure points, not pain points! Hold for about five seconds, or longer if it feels good. Apply pressure to the points near your eyebrows (pictured below) and then to the points on your right and left cheeks (right side, pictured below). If you have sinus pressure in your head, let Meggie and Will know. There is a lot they can do during your adjustment to help open your sinuses and decrease sinus pressure.

sinus pressure points sinus pressure points

(Photos courtesy of: http://www.sinuspressurepoints.com/pressure-point-locations/facial-pressure-points)

For more tips on how to manage allergies, make an appointment at Chiropractic First! Meggie and Will can give you specific information on how to minimize your specific allergies.

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