Chiropractic adjustment

Open adjusting. The benefits.

Chiropractic adjustment

One of the most powerful aspects of care at Chiropractic First may very well be one of the most unique aspects of the practice. Like many light touch chiropractic offices, we use an open adjusting room. Often many people are getting adjusted with you.

You may think that that is dividing the doctors’ time and focus. But those other people in the room are creating a powerful healing energy. When people heal together, a force is created. This concept is called “entrainment.”

The basic concept behind open adjusting is that we humans are neurologically wired for connection. We respond on a physiological level to the experiences of the people around us. You sense the energy when you walk into a concert full of people and it enlivens you. You are able to meditate longer when in a meditation group than you ever can on your own. You bike faster and longer when you are biking with a group. Likewise, you heal better when you are in a room of people healing. It’s part of the nature of having evolved as social beings.

Another benefit of open adjusting is that it gives your body more time to process and respond to your adjustment. Central to BGI chiropractic is that we make a few contacts (ie– we start your adjustment) and then the doctor walks away. Walking away is incredibly important. Your body needs to know that it is doing the healing on it’s own. I can give your body instructions, but unlike a massage, it is your body that is doing the work. You release the tension. You bring your body back into alignment. And you do that without me hovering over you. By adjusting you, I am giving your body information on how to come back into alignment. By walking away I am giving your body an opportunity to learn to heal on your own.

Open adjusting gives your body time to learn at it’s own pace. Adjustments are scheduled for 30 minutes. Sometimes people are finished with an adjustment after 20 minutes. Sometimes it takes 40. 30 minutes is a safe average length of time. But it is just an average. With open adjusting, it is no problem to keep you on the table for a few extra minutes if you need more time. If you were the only one in the room, we might need to wrap up your session in 30 minutes so that I could see the next patient. With open adjusting, I can give your body the time it needs without keeping the next person waiting.

At the start of Covid lockdown, we were only adjusting one at a time. In April and May of 2020 all the benefits of open adjusting (and there are many!) were overshadowed by the threats of Covid. I was unsure if or when we would go back to open adjusting. However, I was surprised by how many patients quickly began requesting it. Chiropractic First went back to open adjusting very shortly after it was safe to do so. We went back to it because patients wanted it. They had experienced that healing energy and they missed it!

I am honored to be able to create this healing space for you at Chiropractic First. I look forward to experiencing it with you soon!

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