7 Ways to Improve Your Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic is an investment. If you’re going to spend time and money seeing a chiropractor, it makes sense that you’d want to make it as effective as possible. When you’re getting adjusted, the chiropractor isn’t the only one doing the work. There are things you can do to make the experience more effective. Here are […]

The Communication that Prevents Healing

This morning I put myself on a media detox. As I get emotionally pulled deeper and deeper into the news cycles, I begin to suffer from the two things that cause pain and prevent healing: too much communication and not enough connection. The same thing happens in our bodies that is happening right now in […]

Sometimes Pain is Just a Habit

No matter where Ann injures herself, the pain always goes to the top of her neck. Last week she came to get adjusted after she had minor surgery on her thigh. I spent most of her adjustment working on her upper neck and the base of her skull. She’s not alone in that experience. There […]

The office supply that will reduce your pain

Poking my cat with a paperclip. To decrease pain. There is this neurological concept called Two Point Discrimination. It refers to being able to distinguish if the sensation you feel is coming from one point poking your skin, or if it’s two  points that feel like one. Here I am practicing Two Point Discrimination with […]

Chiropractors and Cocktails

  Wednesday April 12th  from 7 to 10  at Chiropractic First 1609 Chicago Ave, Evanston   Please join us for an informal event open to all chiropractors Celebrate our community and each other! We so rarely get a chance to know the other chiropractors in our area. Please join me on the 12th to get to […]

Election Stress in Your Body

  Election stress hit people hard this week. It showed up as neck and shoulder pain, and hip and knee pain. In almost all cases, people worried about the election were only energetically present in the upper half of their bodies. They were taking high and shallow breaths and were disengaged with their body below […]

On International Women’s Day

“We turn their problems into a crime.” -Dr Beth Richie at International Women’s Day “It’s my knee that is the culprit.” -patient at Chiropractic First As I listened to Dr. Richie speak, I was struck by how much the American response to race, gender and criminal justice mirrors our response to pain, disease and health […]

See More Clearly

  Which one of the squares in the video above looks darker? A or B? Your brain uses past information it has about shadows and light to make this decision. It sees that B is in the shadow of the green cylinder. It combines that with historical information about your experience of shadows. And concludes that A is […]