You may feel worse now that things are getting better

Though you may not have heard of the “let-down effect,” you probably are experiencing it right this minute! After you experience a large and prolonged stressor, like caregiving for a loved one or remote schooling your children during a pandemic, your inclination is probably to crash and rest as soon as the stress is over. 

It’s usually right after the stressful event happened that you’ll experience illness and injuries. It is not good for your body to immediately rest after having been working on overdrive from the survival mode. Going from 60 to zero is no better for your body than going from zero to 60.

Feeling sick or emotional when you expect to be free of stress and anxiety is an example of the let-down effect. 

The prolonged stress and fear states that have predominated the past year will lead to a let-down effect as the world reopens

Here’s how you can counteract the let-down effect:

  1. Ease into the Resting State. Gradually ease into reducing your stress levels so that your body has more time to integrate the stress. Things like crossword puzzles and moderate physical exercise are good sources of “cool down” stimulation.
  2. Know it’s Coming. Don’t let fear of feeling bad spike your stress levels again. Instead, know that these are the natural cycles your body follows. You’re going to be OK. Your body is going through a major transition. Show your body grace as you gently ease into resting.
  3. Get Chiropractic. We help the body process and integrate stored tension from chemical, physical, and emotional stressors. You have had to store a lot of tension this past year! We can help you release it with more ease. Book your appointment by emailing
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