What is a Subluxation?

Chiropractors help people heal by removing what we call subluxations. But what is that?

Originally, many people thought that subluxations were when bones in the spine were “out of place” or misaligned. Chiropractors thought that this put pressure on the nerves exiting the spine. When people talk about “pinched nerves” they are thinking in terms of bones being out of place and “pinching” neves. But this is not what is happening!

We now know that it is more that a bone is moving in a less than idea way – in a manner that is not “normal” for the body. This abnormal motion impacts nerves. And in turn that can lead to pain, decreased muscle strength, decreased mood and all sorts of other problems. But the problem is not that the bone is pressing on the nerve. The neurology is much more complicated, and interesting, than that.

In BGI chiropractic (the type of chiropractic we practice at Chiropractic First) we take it a step farther. We recognize that subluxations are actually tracks of tension that extend through the body. No part of our body exists in isolation. Subluxations do not show up just in one bone, they are expressed throught our body. In an adjustment at Chiropractic First, we help to remove the subluxation tracts. This allows your body to heal more fully and completely.

Research provided by Haavik Research

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