Post-Natal Healing and Resources

Reconnecting to Your Body

Many women come to Chiropractic First during their pregnancy. Chiropractic can help make labor and delivery easier, as well as relieve pain and help with fetal positioning.

We also help women after they give birth. Chiropractic often helps with symptoms women didn’t know they could improve. These include decreased muscle strength, incontinence or pain during intercourse.

If you are surprised, or disappointed, by the experiences you are having with your body after childbirth, there may be help! What you are experiencing may be something that countless women experience post-partum. What you think you need to accept at the “new normal” may actually be easily addressed.

For the past nine months, your body has stopped functioning the way it normally does. It has turned off certain muscles; it has begun using others far more strongly than it used it. That was exactly what needed to happen in order to grow your baby. But now it is time to ground back into your body and help you begin to move and respond to the needs of your non-pregnant body. That requires really careful and targeted work. We can help turn on quieted muscles, engage your abdominal muscles and retrain your nerves to respond to your body’s needs. It is very similar to the process I discussed in the post Your Body Took a Detour.

Additionally there are a lot of great resources in Evanston to help support women post-partum. Below are a few. It is in no way an exhaustive list.  There are lactation consultants, midwives and countless other really great people to help. Let us know in the comments section on the blog who your favorites are! But here are a few of my favorite resources for women post-partum.

Additional Resources for Post-Natal Healing

Greatful Yoga Lela Beam and her team teach wonderful pre- and post-natal classes. Saturday morning Lela teaches a post-natal class from 8:30 to 9:30

Hanna Mich is an exercise specialist who helps a lot of women to strengthen their pelvic and abdominal muscles post-partum.  Often sessions with her are not strenuous as much as they are experientially about learning to “find” your body.

Rose Campbell is a post-partum doula. She can help you with everything from learning how to use cloth diapers and wearing your baby to doing errands and preparing meals for your family. If you need support, she can help.

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