Perceive Joy and Peace


There are moments in life full of wonder and joy.
There are moments in life full of stress and frustration.

There are parts of our brains wired to find threats.
There are parts of our brains wired to absorb love.

This weekend I am leading an event to help you embrace that duality.

I’m teaming up with a neuropsychologist who focuses on mindfulness. Saturday from 11 to 1 we are going to teach you a bunch of really easy tips and exercises to handles stressful situations better. She is also a good friend. So we will be including you in the mind-body conversation she and I have been having for years.

Here is a practice to help you enjoy more peace. If you enjoy it, come to the workshop this weekend! Call or email Amy at 847-869-1313 or to register. Click here for more information.

Your Perception Power: An exercise

When you notice something stressful, take a moment to use that same perception to notice two good things.

For example: You notice your child is overtired and melting down. Also notice two people, in the room at the same time or who you came across today, who are happy and joyful.

You are cooking Thanksgiving and are worried because last year the turkey was overcooked. Also remember two dishes in the past that turned out really well.

This exercise  is designed to help you use your stress response to increase your perception. Your stress response helps you to be incredibly perceptive and to remember past events in detail. Use that power to start recognizing and remembering things that are going well, things you value, things that bring you joy.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday! We will have a lot more exercises and a longer conversation about how your body experiences the world from a neurological and physiological perspective.

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