The Surprising Causes of Your Headaches

Last week a new patient came into the office looking for help with an old shoulder injury that continued to give him problems. As I began his examination, I noticed that the muscles and fascia were really tight in his injured shoulder. That muscle tension was preventing him from being able to lift his shoulder and move it well.

As I explored further, I found that the tension was extending from his shoulder all the way up to his skull. People with this kind of high tension in their heads often complain of headaches. He hadn’t mentioned any in our interview. But I asked him if he ever had headaches. He told me he often has headaches that are blindingly painful!

As I began to adjust him, I focused on this tension that was extending from his shoulder up into his neck and skull. By the end of his first adjustment, he was better able to move his shoulder and the tension in  his head was dramatically reduced.

Headaches can be caused by a variety of things.

  • They can be caused by dehydration or hormonal changes. Especially during pregnancy. We help a lot of women suffering with headaches caused by hormonal shifts.
  •  Headaches can be caused by emotional stress or eye strain.
  •  Headaches can also be caused by shoulder injuries or upper back and neck problems.

If you or someone you know has headaches, call us! We have helped a lot of people with headaches.

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