Healing the Ones You Love

Families share. They share meals, clothes, and sometimes a whole lot more. Children pick up their belief systems about the world from their primary caregivers within their formative years. They also pick up stress, anxiety, joy and peace.

When a child has pain, tension or is acting out, it’s possible that the child is responding to a tense at-home environment without having all the tools to cope with “carrying” the intensity of a sibling or parent’s emotions. By getting the whole family adjusted we can help the entire family move through the emotions, regardless of which family member is holding them. Since Covid began, we have seen children reflecting the stress of the world in more dramatic ways than ever before.

Children tend to heal really quickly. They usually release tension easily during their adjustments. When they do not, one thing we will do is look for that same tension pattern in the parents. More often than not, if a child isn’t healing, it is because their caregivers have similar tension patterns. Once we release that tension pattern in the parent, the child often then lets it go effortlessly! 

Tension patterns can be caused by physical, chemical or emotional stress. (Chemical stressors include things like processed food, chemicals in our homes or allergens). We often notice similar tension patterns within different members of the same family due to the way the family has learned to adapt to their world. And we can continue adjusting the family members that are expressing the most pain or stress, but really healing from the root level would require the whole family to get adjusted.

When the whole family gets adjusted, these stuck, held belief systems (that we all have!) will start to unravel. In their place, blossoms more peace, understanding, and grace.

Healing at the level of the family unit has lasting, deep and profound impact due to its ability to affect not only the generations being brought up now, but the generations that are yet to come. There are no limits to the impact of healing in community with our loved ones. 

If you have family members who you haven’t yet brought in for care, have them schedule a new patient visit! It may have a farther-reaching impact than you realize.

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