The Communication that Prevents Healing

This morning I put myself on a media detox. As I get emotionally pulled deeper and deeper into the news cycles, I begin to suffer from the two things that cause pain and prevent healing: too much communication and not enough connection.

The same thing happens in our bodies that is happening right now in the country. When stress occurs—a physical, chemical or emotional stress in our bodies or a social, political or economic one in our nation—and we become hyper-vigilant. We start looking around for any sign of trouble. We go into high alert about things that wouldn’t normally upset us.

This is a really good way to behave if there is an immediate threat that we can address quickly. But when our bodies are in this state for too long, we begin to feel chronic pain. We get allergies, our digestion deteriorates, our autoimmune conditions flare up and we stop healing from injuries. You cannot be stressed out and heal at the same time. They are two different ways of being. Your body cannot do both at the same time.

And so in response, we create walls in our bodies and in our country. We disconnect from pain and disengage from trauma. We stop using the part of our body that is in pain. On a neurological level, we turn off the muscles that are surrounding the injury. Again, this is a great short-term response. But you cannot heal if you wall off the part that needs healing.

On Wednesday, September 13th, Dr. Will and I will show you, on a practical level, what this process of high alert and disconnection feels like in your body. We are teaching our “Demystifying the Adjustment” class! If you are interested in learning what we are doing when we adjust you, or if you are interested in learning what it feels like when your body disconnects, come to the class! It’s a bit different every time, so feel free to come again if you enjoyed it in the past.

Before we can be responsible for our community and our country, we have to be responsible for our own bodies. Keeping yourself connected and communicating effectively in your own body is the first step to healing effectively with others.

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