Thanks to Chiropractic Now I Can:

Dr. Meggie Smith

I was recently asked what the vision of Chiropractic First was. And while there is no formal mission statement, my immediate reaction was to look to the Now I Can Board. Some of you have noticed the colorful Post-It notes on the wall across from Meredith’s desk.  Prompted with the question: “What can you do thanks to chiropractic?” People have complete the sentence “Now I can…” In this issue of the newsletter, I’m going to let you all tell each other a bit about the mission of Chiropractic First. Enjoy the photographs and text below.

Now I Can 1Thanks to Chiropractic Now I can…
Have more balance
Happy and I know it!
Return to my beloved Leg Press!
Think more empoweringly
Enjoy long dog walks without hip pain!
I got on the escalator 3 times!
Feel peace in my body
Kneel down when I paint!
Sleep through the night
Lay on my back without pain
Have FUN
Now I feel less anxious
I can sit Indian Style again! No more knee pain!

No back pain during pregnancy! I didn’t know that was possible! 

Now I Can 2  Now I Can 3

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