See More Clearly


Which one of the squares in the video above looks darker? A or B?

Your brain uses past information it has about shadows and light to make this decision. It sees that B is in the shadow of the green cylinder. It combines that with historical information about your experience of shadows. And concludes that A is darker. But the reality is that they are the same shade! If you don’t believe me you can watch this short video we made.  Or next time you come into the office, you can see this in person.

Chiropractic plays a major role in improving how you experience the world around you. Without complete information, your brain will use historical information to complete your experience.
When you get adjusted your brain and body communicate better. After getting adjusted you can literally and metaphorically see more clearly.

Especially during the holiday season, seeing clearly, and not filling in your experience with memories of the past, is incredibly valuable.  If you are feeling stressed, sad or overwhelmed, make time to get adjusted. It will make everything easier.

Thanks to Heidi Haavack and her book The Reality Check for this example and her work on explaining chiropractic to the public. If you’ve wanted to learn more about how chiropractic works, read her book!

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