The unexpected factor you and your children need to grow

Your creation of a new project.

Your baby’s Wonder Week developmental leap.

Your teenager’s growth spurt.

One thing is necessary for all of those periods of intense growth.


Growth requires rest. Growth requires peace.

Growth requires your body and your brain to be in the parasympathetic “Rest and Digest” state.


When it comes to babies and children, we know and understand this. We know our babies sleep more during their Wonder Weeks (the periods of intense developmental growth in infants) and we know teenagers sleep more when they are growing physically and intellectually.

Somehow we disregard this truth when we adults are trying to grow and create new things. But research has shown that creativity and growth happen for adults in the down time.

Many people come to Chiropractic First because rest is not always easy to come by in the fast paced world we live in. Many people need help slowing down. And Chiropractic First can help you slow down.

On a neurological level, growth and creativity require us to be in a parasympathetic state. Rest, relaxation, a free floating mind and ease in our bodies are all part of the parasympathetic state. Chiropractic care helps you get into that state. Alcohol, exercise and some drugs will do this as well! But chiropractic care can help your brain calm down and settle without all those side effects. Creating calm is necessary for people to grow and create.

Adults often need help getting into a parasympathetic state. More and more we see children and teens at Chiropractic First who also need help calming their minds and their bodies. If you or your children are going through an intense growth phase, if you are launching a new project at work or if your child is entering a new phase of life, please make sure you are recognizing the power of rest to propel you forward! And give us a call. Chiropractic can help make those rest periods more efficient and effective.

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