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The past few weeks I have been hard at work making guided meditations. Finally, I’ll have a little gift to give you when you refer your friends and family to the office! We will also be giving them away as thank yous for attending our upcoming workshops. So if you want a 5-7 minute guided meditation—now you know what to do! Refer some to the office or sign up for one of our classes!

All this work on the meditations means I’m doing something a bit different for the newsletter this month.  Instead of writing an article, I am going to give you links to a few of my favorite things.

Respiratory Viruses, Immunity and Chiropractic

But before we get to those— concern is growing about the respiratory virus Enterovirus D68. If you are worried about this, or about getting sick as cold and flu season approaches, GET ADJUSTED REGULARLY! Studies have shown people under regular chiropractic care have a dramatic increase in their immune function. But this is only true for people under regular care. If you wait until you are sick, or only come in a few times a year, the effect isn’t as strong. If you are worried about getting sick, make sure to get on a regular schedule of getting adjusted a few times a month. Your immune system will be so much stronger and healthier!

And now on to a few of my favorite sites:

Finding Beauty in the World

I’m trying to be more intentional about what and why I am consuming online content. One way I am breaking the habit of reading bad news is by going to the Mother Nature Network and looking at beautiful photographs. Often I go online because I want something to look or to feel connected and learn more about to the world. So why not look at pictures of the astounding diversity and beauty in the natural world? Check out some amazing galleries of landscapes and animals. And other galleries as well.  It will nourish you and expand your knowledge of the world.

Inspiring Compassion, Courage and Creativity

When I need a bit more text in my online media, I cannot recommend Elizabeth Gilbert enough. She may be best known for her book Eat Pray Love, but her daily entries on her Facebook page, enliven and encourage me to dig deeper and be a bit more compassionate, courageous and creative.

Healthy Dinner Ideas

And finally, when it’s time to figure out what in the world is for dinner, Kalyn’s Kitchen is always my first stop. At least 80% of what I cook comes from this blog. While I don’t agree with her occasional inclusion of artificial sweeteners in some recipes, her low glycemic and high nutrient dense recipes are healthy and delicious.

I hope you enjoy these sites. And look forward to sharing the meditations with you as soon as Andrew Jessop, my new favorite sound guy and Amy’s boyfriend, finishes mixing them!

All the best,

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