Keep the Digestive Fire Alive!

Yoga and its sister science Ayurveda both agree that immune health begins with the digestive power. This power is derived from the digestive fire called Agni. Just like how a fire can be dampened with water or made too big with wind, your digestion can be supported by increasing foods that build the power, lessened by foods that are heavy or made irregular by certain foods (e.g. popcorn, pizza, chips, etc). Something to keep in mind for the holidays as we indulge in rich and sweet foods is that we needs to balance these yummy treats with foods and movements that offset. Add ginger tea to balance, perhaps a light meal of warm foods (not so much raw, that’s cooling for the digestive fire) and a 15-20 minute walk after eating. Keep a limit on how many deserts, creamy drinks and foods and alcohol you consume. Everything in moderation! By keeping your digestion happy you will also help yourself to stay healthy during this typically stressful time. Here are a few more Yoga/Ayurveda inspired tips: Drink a glass of warm water before eating to eat less quantity Don’t eat to full capacity and wait 20 minutes from the start of eating to feel satisfied Take a 15 minute walk after large meals instead of sitting down immediately or lying on down (especially on a cozy couch!) Drink warm water instead of cold to support Agni (digestive fire) Eat at least one warm meal a day
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