How to increase patience and decrease anxiety

Patients at Chiropractic First often report feeling less anxious, more patient and calmer after their adjustments.

Have you ever wondered how it is that chiropractic can make you feel so peaceful, not just in the moment, but for days after your adjustment?

Light touch chiropractic care is based on the premise that your body stores physical and emotional tension in your body. Over the course of your life you have had experiences that you could not process in the moment. Maybe you twisted your ankle in the middle of a soccer game, but kept playing anyway. Or maybe a friend said something wonderfully touching and kind, and you didn’t have a chance to fully be present to the love you felt in that moment.

Whether the experiences were good or bad, you’ve had thousands of experiences that, in the moment, were too much for you to process. And so your body holds on to them, until you have a chance to address them.

These stored experiences, according to chiropractic theory, build up. The result is pain and stiff joints and emotional inflexibility. Your body is carrying so much! It gets rigid and painful because it doesn’t have the space to deal with anything else.

Light touch chiropractic care helps you release those old physical and emotional stresses.  This gives you more space in your body. The reason you feel less anxious and more calm is, in part, because you have more space mentally, emotionally and physically.

Do you need some more space in your brain or more flexibility in your body? Give us a call!

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