Carrying Someone Else’s Stuff?

We have all been experiencing a great deal of heaviness over the past year and a half.

But how much of what you are feeling is truly yours?

In the last blog post Meggie mentioned that sometimes your own grief will wake you up at 3am, but sometimes your response to someone else’s grief will wake you up.

You can pick up the fear, grief, anxiety and loss of those around you. When you get adjusted at Chiropractic First the doctors help you release stress patterns that aren’t really “yours.”

You can pick up the emotions of someone you know or more generally from the feelings of your community. These emotions and stresses can get held in your body as tension and tightness. Sometimes chiropractic helps you release your own stress, but other times you release stress you picked up from a colleague, a family member or the collective. 

We have all had the experience of going to a party or concert and feeling happy or energized from the energy of the people around us. We have also had the experience of going into a toxic work environment or family gathering and feeling negative because everyone around you is so unhappy. 

Being more aware of this phenomena can help you heal faster and more consistently.

The human brain has what are called mirror neurons. These neurons allow us to react to all kinds of events in our lives, even when those events are not happening to us personally. This is the reason that we become scared when we watch a scary movie or tense when we watch a thriller. Our nervous system begins responding as if we’re the ones experiencing what the protagonist is experiencing. 

Our mirror neurons are the neurological basis of empathy, the ability to “feel” what others are feeling. They are part of the basis of what makes humans social beings. We are truly hardwired to connect with each other. These connections occur not just in our brains, but the emotional connections show up in our bodies.

The collective trauma our entire society has endured over the past 16 months has resulted in a lot of energetic and emotional baggage.

You have an opportunity to learn how to discern what feelings are truly yours versus what you have just picked up from the collective. The good news is that if it isn’t yours, it is much easier to just let go of it.

If you’re seeking more tools and strategies to release the emotional challenges of covid and reopening whether it’s yours or not, give us a call at 847-869-1313 or schedule online.

We help families integrate their individual and shared experience to be able to live healthy, radiant lives.

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