Tuesdays with Dr. Will

Dr. Meggie Smith

By now some of you have gotten to meet Dr. Will, and I’m happy that you have enjoyed your visits with him.  He is adjusting at Chiropractic First on Tuesdays.  This has been a wonderful gift for me, as it has allowed me time to do a few different things.

First, is has allowed me to take a bit of a breather! It has been an incredibly big year for the practice.  It has taken a lot of my energy to transition the business, begin taking Blue Cross, meet the new federal guidelines on electronic medical records, remodel the office and all the other thing that we have done in the past year.   So Will agreed to come in and help me. I cannot thank him enough for providing this support.  I didn’t want to close the office, so having Will here allows Chiropractic Fist to be open 5 days a week.

The second thing this will allow for, is to give me time to manage the business aspect of Chiropractic First.  And I’ll be able to do more education–  both continue to learn and hone my chiropractic skills and also offer lectures about what chiropractic is and how it works.

Dr. Will will continue to be here one day a week, so that I can fully focus on you the days that I am here.  Generally, he will be here on Tuesday, however there may be occasions when it is Thursdays. He has his own practice in the Western suburbs. And so there may be weeks when he is not here at all, as he needs to attend to things at his office.

Many doctors have asked to join the practice, however my goal is to make sure you get the best adjustments possible. Because I have such high standards for the chiropractic care you are getting, I have said no to every doctor who has asked. I had to go to Will and ask him to join us. He is a great asset and I feel grateful to have him with us.

Rest assured that I am not going anywhere!

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