Stress Relief


5 Tips for Stress Relief

1)      The best stress relief is the one you will actually do. Don’t get caught up in what you think stress relief should be. Give yourself permission to just do what works for you.

2)      5 minutes is plenty! Don’t think you need to spend 30 minutes meditating or 45 minutes jogging. Even 3 minutes will be beneficial.

3)      Stress relief brings you into the present moment. Anything that distracts you from thinking about the past or the future is perfect.

The goal is to focus on what is right in front of you. Anything that distracts you by pulling your attention away from what is in front of you is not a good choice. Watching TV or listening to podcasts may distract you from thinking about the past, but they put your attention on something other than what is right in front of you. The action and story are taking place somewhere else.

4)      If you are having trouble staying focused on the present, speak out loud the actions you are doing, or the things that you are feeling.

For example, if you are washing dishes, you can say “right now I feel warm water on my hands.” “In this moment I am holding a dish. I am standing with both feet on the floor.” Describe the details of what you are feeling. And what you are doing.

5)      Spend a week making a list of what you feel energized after you finish doing it.

After watching an hour of TV, do you feel recharged and ready to be productive? Or do you want to keep lying on the couch? After meditating for 10 minutes, do you feel frustrated and worried? Or do you feel inspired? You may be very surprised to find what things give you energy!

Types of Stress Relief

• Breathing exercises
• Doing Dishes
• Walking
• Prayer
• Coloring
• Exercise
• Meditating
• Yoga
• Playing sports
• Cooking
• Playing with pets
• Running
• Gardening
• Looking into the distance
• Rock Climbing
• Sewing
• Sitting outside





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