children behavior

How to help your child with behavior, focus and patience

children behavior

Children and young adults often seek out chiropractic care at Chiropractic First because they need help focusing at school, or they have trouble with impulse control and patience.

Parents have reported that after chiropractic care their child practiced piano for longer stretches.

Sports coaches have reported they noticed improvements in children’s ability to focus during practice.

Siblings notice that their brothers and sisters are often more patient and less aggressive

with them after chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care can be a foundational part of helping children get along better with their family and friends. It has helped children function better at school and at home.

Here are some additional tips for improving your child’s behavior and mood:

  1. Hold Your Breath
    One of the main ways chiropractic works to help children with behavior issues is to decrease their fight or flight stress response. Another way to do that is to have them do focused breathing. Have them breathe in for four seconds, hold their breath for six seconds, and breathe out for eight seconds. Repeat for three or four cycles. If those numbers aren’t feeling natural to your child, you can alter them. The important thing is that they breathe out longer than breathe in and hold the breath for a few seconds.

  2. Say 5 Things
    Chiropractic helps children with music and sports and other activities that require coordination. It helps their brain become more aware of the sensations they are receiving from the world around them. Another way to help improve your child’s coordination and help them settle down in stressful situations is to have them say aloud five things they see and three things they hear. Having them say the words aloud is crucial to this exercise. Having them notice the world around them can help pull them out of the intensity of the emotions they are feeling.

  3. Get Mud Between Your Toes
    Children’s brains create anxiety when they do not have enough tactile stimulation. This is one of the reasons excessive screen time causes behavioral problems. Make sure your children are touching, feeling and coming into contact with a variety of objects over the course of the day. Feeling grass on their feet, toys in their hands and hugs on their skin are all important pieces of sensory information. If the part of their brain that processes sensory information doesn’t have enough stimulus, it can create pain, anxiety and other concerns. If they are hypersensitive to sensation, bring them in for a chiropractic check up! We have helped a lot of children with sensory hypersensitivity.

If you are feeling frustrated and hopeless about your child’s anxiety, frustration and lack of focus, make an appointment for your child at Chiropractic First. Many parents have been really happy with the changes they have seen in their children after chiropractic care.

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