Gratitude for Movement and Balance



Celebrate and thank your body

for all the things it does!

This 7 minute guided meditation begins with 30 seconds of calming music and then focuses your attention on the incredibly wonderful things you can do because of the support your body gives you.

You may spend a lot of time thinking about how you wish your body was different– that it looked different, that it felt different, that it performed differently.  Below is a meditation that gives you a chance to take a few minutes and remember some of the things that your body does well. And thank it for helping you to move and balance in the world.

Next time you start getting frustrated with and disappointed in your body, remember this meditation. Recall the things you have been able to do because of your body’s strength, balance and motion.

Click on the link below to listen. To download the meditation, right click on the bar that moves across the screen as the meditation is playing.

Gratitude for Movement

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