Care Programs

We offer different Care Programs depending on your goals.


Structural Care

Get patched up and address a very immediate need

Structural Care is a short-term care plan that will address your specific physical symptoms. Patients often experience a significant resolution of physical pain symptoms on a Structural Care Program.  They also tend to notice increased range of motion and ease in movement. Additionally, they often report some improvement in sleep and, energy levels, as well as slight improvements in mood.


 Foundational Care

Address the deeper problems that are causing your symptoms

Foundational Care will address the underlying causes of your pain, discomfort or disease. By addressing these concerns on deeper levels, you will be able to respond more effectively to physical, mental and emotional stress. Patients in the Foundational Care Program report more pronounced improvements in pain and injuries. They also report better sleep, improvements in their focus, digestion, mood, anxiety and immune health. It also helps with the speed of recovery and an increase in adaptability.


Transformational Care

Optimize your mind, body and spirit

Transformational Care is for people who are looking to make lasting changes in their health and also in their life. In addition to decreased physical pain, increased mental and emotional strength and improved immune function, people in the Transformational Care Program report improvement in their relationships with themselves and others. They get clearer on who they are in the world and how their body and mind function together to create their experience of life. They are looking for a deeper and clearer understanding of their world and use chiropractic to help make that happen.



I’m not sure which one to pick!
Most people choose to begin with Foundational Care. You can always continue on to Transformational Care once you have finished your Foundational Care Program. Alternatively, some people start with Structural Care and then move on to Foundational Care once they notice positive changes.

What if I just want my pain go away?
Structural care is for you! We can address your pain. BGI Chiropractic often produces results very quickly.

When are you going to give me exercises?
Unlike physical therapy, which tends to give you exercises to do as part of a routine; we will be giving you very targeted exercises to help address specific issues if they are not resolved completely during your adjustment. This means that you rarely will do the same exercises for more than a week. And if you are responding very well to your adjustments, or if we need to be really targeted in how we help you heal, you might not have any “homework.” But as soon as there is something for you to do, we will tell you.



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