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No cracking sounds. No forcing or twisting.

Our work is informed by BioGeometric Integration, a model of chiropractic that focuses on the inherent connections in your body. These connections are in your muscles, in your tendons, in your bones and in all parts of your body. The doctors use knowledge of those connections to release tension and help your body heal. We work with your entire body, not just your spine.

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About Dr. Hope McLoughlin

Hailing from the salty seashores of Santa Cruz, CA, Hope is happy that Evanston can provide its own freshwater beaches and is even more happy to be joining the team at Chiropractic First. Hope graduated summa cum laude from Life Chiropractic College West, where was was the president of the school’s BGI (Bio-Geometric Integration) club as well as having served on the school newspaper as a staff writer and held other leadership positions in a number of on-campus clubs. Hope believes that the power of the chiropractic adjustment is not only in its ability to bring about greater ease and coherence in a patient’s body, but in its ability to reconnect them to their ultimate source of universal power, knowledge, and truth…themselves! Hope has utilized dedicated Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga practices in conjunction with BGI-style adjustments to grow and evolve all levels of her being and it is this level of awareness that she brings into each and every patient encounter.