Tingling and Numbness in Arms and Hands

There are two ways to think about hand and arm numbness.


The nerves that control your arms and hands start in your neck. They go down your shoulders and into your arms.

When people have numbness in their arms and hands, the first place to look physically is to the muscles in the neck and the shoulders.

Muscle tension in your neck and shoulder can cause tingling and numbness in your arms and hands. Notice your posture. Are you hunched forward as you read this? If you are, you are tightening the muscles in your neck and shoulders. That can cause tingling and numbness in your arms.

There are a few different ways to look at the nerves that control your arms and hands. Two types of those nerve charts are shown below. Does your hand and arm numbness map on to either of these charts? If so, the numbness is likely caused by tension in your muscles, tendons, ligaments or fasica. BGI Chiropractic can help with all those types of tension.


What are you holding on to?

What do you need to let go of?

As a society right now we are asking a lot of questions about what we need to let go of and what we want to hold on to. How much do you want to hold on to to your pre-pandemic routine? How much do you want to let go of the life you created during the shutdown? These questions don’t just exist in your mind. They are present in your body as well. You body may express thoughts, fears or excitement around “letting go” with pain, numbness, tingling or other sensations in your arms and hands.

There may be things that you already are letting go of. Your arms and hands may be expressing that release through tingling, numbness or other hand sensations. Notice the sensations you are experiencing. Ask your body what else it wants you to know.

BGI Chiropractic specializes in helping people with the mindbody expression of symptoms. Call us at 847-869-1313 to schedule an appointment. The doctors look forward to helping you learn more about what it causing your tingling and numbness.