Join our Healing Space

Room rentals available in our thriving holistic health and energy medicine space. We welcome talk therapists, somatic therapists, yoga therapists, birth practitioners and other body-mind practitioners looking to rent space in a thriving community office.

Two private rooms currently available to rent.

The Therapy Room is approximately 94 sq/ft. It is ideal for talk therapies, energy medicine or other intutive body centered healing. This room offers additional sound proofing.

The Therapy Room has a loveseat, 2 chairs and a small desk. There is space in the room and in the back for a small amount of storage of items needed for your treatments.

The Consult room is also approximately 94 sq/ft. It is ideal for body work including accupunture, energy work, massage therapy or other health consultations. This room offers additional sound proofing. This room has real bamboo floors.

The Movement Studio is available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It is being rented during the week by a talk therapist who specialize in somatic therapy.

We are looking for holistic practitioners to rent space, share down-time in the break room and connect on professional and personal level. We are a trauma informed practice that takes the physicality of our healing space very seriously. We are very conscious of how the energy of a space will impact healing, and we work hard to create a safe, structured, and vibrant energy for our patient’s healing.

Chiropractic First is a self-contained practice looking for practitioners to share office space, not to join our practice. We are not offering opportunities for cross marketing at this point. However, we would love for collaboration to develop organically over time. Renters are also welcome to make use of our shared kitchen space.

Features of the new office include:

  • Completely new space built especially for this healing purpose
  • Waiting room with chairs, coat closet and front desk
  • Fully ADA compliant, including the patient bathroom
  • New HVAC system with upgraded ventilation
  • New WiFi and electrical. Wifi security does not allow for Sonos Speakers.
  • Filtered water
  • Fragrance-free soap in the bathrooms
  • Limited use of harsh or scented cleaning products
  • Staff kitchen and staff bathroom
  • Suburban residential area with ample free street parking
  • Walking distance from the Purple Line CTA stop
  • Offices are available from 8am to 9pm
  • Good vibes and good people


You have an existing client base

  • We welcome the opportunity to connect on personal and professional levels with practitioners sharing space. At this point, we are not planning on extending our marketing or referral network. We would love to share patients! But don’t want to commit to cross-referrals or joint marketing events.

You have a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to sharing a space

  • People heal best in an environment that resonates safety, trust and respect. We strive to create that feeling in all our interactions with each other and our patients. This includes keeping conversation to a low volume, and being aware of our fragrance-sensitive patients. We communicate directly and clearly with each other to assure conflicts are resolved with mutual respect and compassion as quickly as possible.

Are comfortable with babies and toddlers in the healing space

Chiropractic First sees a lot of babies, toddlers and children. They bring a wonderful lightness and joy to the office. The chiropractic family room has additional sound proofing, but kids are kids! They get loud at times.

Please contact us at to talk more!

We look forward to hearing from you!