Super Summer Supper Salad

By Anita Brown This recipe is a terrific way to use all those summer veggies we are blessed with in the summer.  Add whatever vegetables are in your garden or featured in the markets.  And for more ideas of how to creatively use the season’s crops call, email or check my website; Anita Brown Culinary […]

Get Happy with Chiropractic

By Dr. Meggie Smith One of the many benefits of chiropractic is its effect on mental health.  Some of you have reported that a reduced need for anxiety or depression medication. Many patients, including myself, have been able to avoid going on medication because of chiropractic. I began seeing a chiropractor in high school for headaches […]

Yoga Therapy for Low Back Pain

Dr. Meggie Smith By Visiting Author: Yoli Maya Yeh, M.A. RYT Yoga presents us with many ways to manage chronic low back pain, to strengthen weak parts of our core (a large part of your body the extends from your collarbones to your pubic bone in front and your neck to your tailbone on your […]

Tuesdays with Dr. Will

Dr. Meggie Smith By now some of you have gotten to meet Dr. Will, and I’m happy that you have enjoyed your visits with him.  He is adjusting at Chiropractic First on Tuesdays.  This has been a wonderful gift for me, as it has allowed me time to do a few different things. First, is […]

Five Essential Life Elements

Dr. Meggie Smith While pondering the immense fun my baby and I were having in our three days of summer this past week, I was reminded of just how important having regular fun is in life!  I find myself often telling students and clients that we have five essential elements in our lives in order to balance […]

Thanks to Chiropractic Now I Can:

Dr. Meggie Smith I was recently asked what the vision of Chiropractic First was. And while there is no formal mission statement, my immediate reaction was to look to the Now I Can Board. Some of you have noticed the colorful Post-It notes on the wall across from Meredith’s desk.  Prompted with the question: “What […]

Support Your Best Health in Spring

Dr. Meggie Smith By visiting author:  Yoli Joseph Spring’s weather changes can feel like a relief after a biting cold winter or one with lots of snow and wind.  Even 50 degrees feels so warm that we may even go outside in a t-shirt!  According to Ayurveda this early Spring season is dominated by Kapha, […]

What is BGI and who is Dr. Will?

At Chiropractic First you are receiving a type of chiropractic care called Bio Geometric Integration. BGI is based on an awareness that your body is connected. And that it is easier to change and heal when you are in a state of peace and ease rather than defense. Anyone who has tried to have a […]