Thanks to Chiropractic Now I Can:

Dr. Meggie Smith I was recently asked what the vision of Chiropractic First was. And while there is no formal mission statement, my immediate reaction was to look to the Now I Can Board. Some of you have noticed the colorful Post-It notes on the wall across from Meredith’s desk.  Prompted with the question: “What […]

Support Your Best Health in Spring

Dr. Meggie Smith By visiting author:  Yoli Joseph Spring’s weather changes can feel like a relief after a biting cold winter or one with lots of snow and wind.  Even 50 degrees feels so warm that we may even go outside in a t-shirt!  According to Ayurveda this early Spring season is dominated by Kapha, […]

What is BGI and who is Dr. Will?

At Chiropractic First you are receiving a type of chiropractic care called Bio Geometric Integration. BGI is based on an awareness that your body is connected. And that it is easier to change and heal when you are in a state of peace and ease rather than defense. Anyone who has tried to have a […]

Processing is the Name of the Game

I can always tell the impact of a yoga class I’ve taught by the depth students go into deep relaxation.  If we have stimulated all aspects of the nervous system, done every type of yoga movements (forward, backward, twisting, inversion, balancing) and performed poses from each position (seated, standing, prone, dorsal) the mind and body […]

What is This Pain Trying to Tell Me?

When you are in pain, you may just want it to go away. However, what if rather than wanting the pain to go away, you got curious and tried to learn more about it? Pain contains powerful messages. It is brimming with useful information, if you listen. There are times in your life when you […]

The Polarity of the Holidays

A breathing exercise to help with a season of stress and joy The holiday season is filled with dichotomies. We are excited by the wonder and beauty of the freshly fallen snow (or hopefully we will be soon). And we are challenged by shoveling and driving in the snow. We enjoy the opportunity to spend […]

Keep the Digestive Fire Alive!

Yoga and its sister science Ayurveda both agree that immune health begins with the digestive power. This power is derived from the digestive fire called Agni. Just like how a fire can be dampened with water or made too big with wind, your digestion can be supported by increasing foods that build the power, lessened […]

Life Transformation & Yoga

By Yoli Maya Yeh There has never been a time like the present moment in human evolution and growth on the planet. Thanks to the industrialization, modernization and the massive rate of information exchange, humans have the most input, experiences and sensory information to process then ever before. We are amazingly adaptive beings whose bodies, […]