Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage: We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. If you have insurance through another company, you have a few different options.

On your first visit the doctors will determine if this is the right office for you. If they determine they can help you, they will create a treatment plan to address your specific needs. On your second visit Dr. Smith will review your treatment plan with you. At that point, we will walk you through your financial options and create a plan that works with your financial as well as health needs.

We are not in network with any HMOs, even with a referral. However, we have financial options that make it realistic and affordable for you to receive the treatment you need regardless of your health insurance.

Most new patients are on treatment plans that bundle their services for reduced rates. If you are a long term patient, you may start paying for visits on a per-visit basis. The fees for those services are below.

ChiroHealth Fees: There is a $49 annual membership fee to join ChiroHealth. Special packages can be purchased at a reduced fee. (Please note: prices are subjected to change. Please verify with the front desk how much current ChiroHealth fees are.)

Usual and Customary Fees: $85 for each adjustment.

Out of Network questions:  If you are thinking about submitting receipts to your insurance company, these questions will help you determine what type of reimbursement you can expect.

  1. What is my “Out of Network” deductible?
  2. What are your chiropractic benefits? (May be # of visits/# of days or it may be a $ amount)
  3. What are your “physical therapy when performed by a chiropractor” benefits?
  4. What percentage does your policy pay for your benefits? (Will probably be 80% or 60%)
  5. Do the benefits apply to your deductible?