Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage: If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), we will go over your coverage with you on your first or second visit and give you an idea of what your coverage is. We do not take insurance from any other insurance company or Medicare. But you still have options. You can join ChiroHealth, a network that enables patients access to affordable chiropractic care, or you can pay our “Usual and Customary Fees” and then submit documentation to your insurance company.

If you have an HMO – either with BCBS or someone else – you CANNOT submit receipts. An HMO will not cover anything we do here, even with a referral. You will want to join ChiroHealth.

Usual and Customary Fees: $203 for a new patient exam and $85 for each adjustment.

ChiroHealth Fees: $160 for a New Patient Exam and $60 for each adjustment. You will also have to pay a $49 annual membership fee to join. Special packages of 6 adjustments can be purchased at a reduced fee. (Please note: prices are subjected to change. Please verify with the front desk how much current ChiroHealth fees are.)

To decide which makes more sense for you, you will need to find out the following from your insurance company:

  1. What is my “Out of Network” deductible?
  2. What are your chiropractic benefits? (May be # of visits/# of days or it may be a $ amount)
  3. What are your “physical therapy when performed by a chiropractor” benefits?
  4. What percentage does your policy pay for your benefits? (Will probably be 80% or 60%)
  5. Do the benefits apply to your deductible? This one is SUPER important!

After you decide what sounds best for you, you can talk to the front desk about the next steps – either joining ChiroHealth or getting receipts to submit to your insurance.