Insurance Coverage

Chiropractic First works with many insurance carriers and also with many people who do not have insurance.

Every policy is different. We will research your insurance coverage and tell you exactly what we expect will be covered. We understand the anxiety that insurance coverage can create! We will look into the specifics of your policy and before you incur any charges, we let you know what you will be responsible for.

Please email or fax us your insurance card. Include your birthday and the birthday of the primary insurance holder (if you get your insurance from your wife, she is the primary insurance holder).

If you do not have insurance, don’t worry! Many of our patients don’t use insurance. We are a part of a discount medical network. You can get reduced rates that make treatment affordable regardless of your insurance status.

On your first visit, we will do a free consult. If we think we are the best doctors to help you, we will proceed with an exam. Before we do that exam, we will let you know what the costs will be for that visit.

Until we check your insurance coverage and do a free consultation, we are unable to tell you exactly what the cost for the exam will be. You will never incur any costs until you are informed of what they are and agree to proceed. If you do not wish to proceed, we will give you the names of other practitioners who can better meet your needs.

On your second visit you will be given a detailed treatment plan and you will be told what the future costs will be.