Current Hours

We are back in the office, accepting new and returning patients.

Our hours are:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 to 12:00 and 3:30 to 6:30

Friday from 8:30 to 12:30

Will is seeing patients on Tuesdays.

Meggie is doing video sessions on Tuesday and Thursday by appointment.

We made it to Phase 4! Below is what to expect at Chiropractic First as of late June. However, we are constantly updating our policies to respond to best practices and new research. Please ask if anything you read seems out of date.

1)      We are physically distancing in the adjusting room. The tables have been moved so that they are all 6 feet apart. If you would like to be in the private exam room, please let us know when you schedule.

2)      Online scheduling has been turned off so that we can screen and manage the patient flow better. Please email or call to schedule.

3)      Please wear a mask when you are in the waiting area. Masks do not need to be worn when you are on the table. Meggie and Will are wearing masks while adjusting. Brie is wearing a mask at the front desk.

4)      We are wiping down tables and surfaces between patients.

5)      Please wash your hands in the bathroom or use the hand sanitizer at the front desk upon entering the office.

6)      The kids room is still available! The stuffed animals and other soft toys have been removed (sadly this includes the every popular Jack-in-the-box). You do not need to clean up at the end of your visit. Leaving the toys out allows us to wipe everything down before we put it back.

6)      We are wiping off pens after you sign in or sign your credit card receipt. Please leave the pen on the desk, rather than returning it to the pen jar so that we can wipe it off.

7)      If you have a fever, other symptoms or have tested positive for covid, please refrain from entering the office. Meggie is happy to do a video session with you if you are symptomatic or have been exposed to anyone who has covid.

Please be aware that there are people who are asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic. We are doing what we can to keep everyone healthy! But we cannot assure that there will not be patients in the practice who fall into those categories.

8)      The initial new patient conversation has additional screening. If you want to schedule a new patient appointment, please let us know how you found us. If you were referred to us, that may speed up the intake screening.