Exercises for the Turmoil and Violence in our World: A way to find peace and connect with joy

The past month has brought a lot of people into the office talking about the stress they feel over fear for our world, our country, our planet and our community. There are two things I have been doing for them. Both have helped them a lot. More on both of those below.

This past week our Chiropractic First community was rocked on a much more personal level by the shooting death of Cynthia Trevillion. Many of you worked with her, or your children learned from her, at Chicago Waldorf School. Others shared her passion for organic and sustainable food and enjoyed her bone broth.

The sudden grief and the shock of violence can get stuck in your body. Or you may become disassociated and feel a bit “out of your body.” Chiropractic can help with that. Please do not hesitate to share those experiences with us. During your adjustment, we can do a lot to help with grief, shock, overwhelm and fear.

Here are two very easy exercises that can help with turmoil and violence:

  1. To address the shock of violence and the confusion that comes with that, do SRI Stage One. Here is a video instruction. The video is a bit long. Don’t worry about the specifics. Just get the general sense of the hand positions and phrases to say.The goal of this exercise is to help you get back into your body and more present with your experience. It may make you cry, or feel more emotional. That is ok! You can’t move past the feelings until you feel them!
  1. To address the fear, negativity and turmoil in the world, do SRI Stage Two. There is a lot of bad stuff happening! And yet there is also a lot of beauty, a lot of love, a lot of kindness and peace. Both exist together. This exercise will help you become more aware of the existence of both the light and the dark. Again, don’t get too hung up on the details. Just focus on the general idea of breathing into the two different places in your body.

Finally, get adjusted! There is a lot we can to do help you find the peace and calm in your body. On a neurological level, chiropractic can decrease your fight or flight response. It will help you think more clearly and be better able to address the deep challenges we face. It will also help you be better able to appreciate the richness, joy and wonder that are around us.

If you have any questions on these exercises, or how we can help you, please let me know. If you want to talk in private, the little exam room is always available during your adjustments for quick private conversations. If you would like to talk in more depth, let Laura know and she will schedule you for a private evaluation appointment.

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  1. Nancy Graham October 26, 2017 at 12:48 am #

    Thank you Meggie for addressing the stress of the world and more specifically Cynthia’s death. It feels like a gift. Your sensitivity and intuitive powers are so appreciated as are Will’s.

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