3 Emotions That Get Stuck in Your Body

Your emotions exist in your body. These “molecules of emotion” are the reason that drugs, alcohol and food can impact your mood in such powerful ways. It is also why chiropractic care can play such a major role in improving your mood.

Emotions tend to be associated with specific organs. Here are the three most common emotions that I see impacting the health of patients:

  1. You hold grief in your lungs
    By far, grief in lungs is the most common emotional pattern I see in patients. When you are having trouble breathing, when you are getting lower respiratory infections or otherwise notice irritation in your lungs — be aware that unresolved grief may be playing a role in your symptoms.
  2. Your stomach tells you when you are being overly sympathetic
    Are you having trouble creating healthy boundaries with a loved one? Are you getting too invested in the emotional lives of your family members? I see this emotional pattern more often in women, as so many of us have been trained to believe it is helpful to take on the emotional burdens of our loved ones. When you are having stomach trouble, be aware that it may be related not to your own emotional struggles as much as to your investment in the emotional lives of others.
  3. Your intestines help you let go
    Your large and small intestines reflect a complex range of emotions. One of the main themes of your intestinal emotions is absorbing what nourishes you and letting go of what doesn’t. If you are having trouble letting go, that can show up as constipation. Additionally, your large intestine is associated with dogmatic beliefs. So if you are struggling with sense that things “should be” a certain way, but they are not the way you (or someone else in your life) thinks they should be, that may be reflected in your digestion.

Many different healing traditions have mapped emotions onto organs. In some cases they overlap, in other cases they do not.

If you are interested in learning more about the emotional aspect of your symptoms, check out this great book by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Life. Additionally, books and websites on Chinese medicine will often include discussions on the topic of how your emotions show up in your body.

However, the most important source of information is your own wisdom and intuition! Ask your body what it is trying to tell you. You may be surprised by the response!

If you have questions about the specific emotional component of your pain, make an appointment to get adjusted! On your visit I can talk to you more about specifically what is going on in your body and mind.

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